Great News: God offers forgiveness

The Gospel means “good news.” As news, it narrates an event, but an event with staggering implications.

The True Living God has a good news, a great news for the human race.

So what is the great news? It is this: Jesus Christ was crucified and was resurrected, about two thousand years ago in Jerusalem.

What does it mean? What makes the event good? For one answer, we look to the Apostle Peter. In Acts 10, he gave this summary: God anointed Jesus with the Spirit and with power to do good; Jesus was put to death on a tree as a cursed man; but God raised Jesus to glory on the third day, appointing him to be the judge of the living and of the dead. “To him all the prophets bear witness that everyone who believes in him receives forgiveness of sins through his name.”

The Apostle heralds that in Jesus’ resurrection-appointment, Jesus ascended the highest throne as Judge of All. For Jesus to be Judge Over All is great news! In the light of this event, God announces and offers a word of pardon: Anyone who submits to Jesus (in faith with joy) receives forgiveness of sins. What an offer! No more guilt! No more condemnation! Freedom from sin! Freedom for God and others!

So believe this good news: God forgives the sinner who returns to Him through Christ; no righteous wrath awaits him on Judgment Day, but only joy and glory.

But the unrepentant and the unbelieving have no rest.


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